Load In and Load Out


Please wait for the attendant to direct you to your space. We load in going across so you never know where your space will be. It is a crap shoot. We do that because the lot is very tight and we have a short amount of time to get in and get settled.

To make load in and out easier, you may leave your vehicle parked in your space at the back of your booth. The spaces are very deep so this still gives you enough room to put a 10 x 10 tent in front of your vehicle for selling. The other option is to pull up to your space and unload quickly, go park in the vendor parking area and come back to set up. The goal is to get the vehicles out of the way ASAP in the morning.


At 2 pm, vendor vehicles are allowed into the market area for Load Out. Everyone is anxious to get in and start loading but please follow directions. Never drive diagonally across the market. PLEASE talk to your neighbor before 2 pm to make sure they get in the row ahead of you with their vehicle. That way, everyone is in order and we won’t block each other. The rows are tight and there is no way to pass each other.

When you are ready to leave, you may drive straight out and exit the property.